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Ksil Baltic is a representative of children's playground and sports field equipment in the Baltics, which has been successfully operating for 20 years. Over 1,900 playgrounds and sports fields have been supplied and installed during the company's operation. KSIL children's playgrounds and sports fields are available throughout Europe, as the factory has independent partners in more than 19 European countries. KSIL children's playground and sports field equipment is manufactured from high-quality materials using the most modern processing technologies. The greatest emphasis is placed on the safety, health and development of children. Ksil products are manufactured according to safety standard EN1176. Equipment is produced for children of different ages, as well as for children with special needs. In the processing of playground equipment, 4 basic colors are used - yellow, red, green and blue, which experts have recognized as the easiest colors for children to perceive and recognize. Ksil playgrounds make the environment tidy, gorgeous and attractive. In the Ksil playground, the child spends time actively and creatively, developing his strength, dexterity, endurance, as well as communication with other children, which helps the child fit into the social environment. Ksil playground equipment is resistant to the effects of the external environment. They can be operated in different climatic conditions. They function excellently and, even with intensive use, retain their original attractive appearance for many years. In addition, KSIL products have an excellent price-quality ratio. We will take care of ensuring that there is a clean and safe environment for children to play in every county, city and backyard of Latvia. Children's playgrounds are a priority of our work. For more details on KSIL products and pricing, contact our sales professionals.
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